Whilst we would ideally like to cover every band and event in the country – unfortunately our resources are limited! Because of this, and because we are a Chelmsford based organisation, we must also limit which bands and artists we review, and which events we cover.


We are more than happy to publicise any events in the Chelmsford area, and include them in our listings. Defining ‘the Chelmsford area’ is difficult – however we regard it as a 7 mile radius around Chelmsford town centre, as illustrated by the map below:

We will occasionally make exceptions – normally for large events such as all-dayers and festivals which are more likely to appeal to a wider audience.

Bands and Artists

We are more than happy to review releases by bands and artists from anywhere within the county of Essex. Unfortunately we are unable to review acts from London as this is too large an undertaking and we feel there are publications within London that are far more suited to this.

If in doubt, please get in touch!