Uneasy Bedfellows – Music and Sport

I’ve heard the squeals and I’ve heard the moans, but I’ve also heard the positives. Yes, it’s true, Sky Sports is now at The Golden Fleece and we will be showing a LOT of live sport. However, live music is still a key part of our business thinking!

If I’m honest, the Chelmsford live music scene is very much limited to Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights.

In the past we have tried events on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and even some Sundays, but the poor attendance just made it not worth continuing. Playing to a crowd of three hardly screams ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’.

So I was left with the dilemma; how do I get the Golden Fleece busier in our quieter periods?

Well, we had tried sport last season with the foreign channel, Canal Plus, and whilst it proved very successful on Saturdays at 3pm we weren’t busy for many other games. Why not?

It’s simple really. The lack of English commentary meant our customers were going to pubs that had Sky. Clearly, it was a case of “If you can’t beat them, join them!” – we needed to get Sky Sports.

So, are we becoming a sports pub? The answer to that is yes. However, we are still a music pub, and will continue to put on the very best that Chelmsford has to offer!

Personally, I don’t see why we need to be labelled as either a live music pub or a sports pub. As far as I’m concerned, I would like to offer as much as I can to as many people as possible!

We’ve proven our dedication to showing you a good time with good food, great live music, films on a Sunday night, and now we’re offering live sport too.

We’re even happy for you to have a private area for your party, enjoy our fantastic beer garden and we will still continue to put on those mad events that you all love!

In short, we’re taking nothing
away from the pub you love, just adding another reason to come and visit us.

Captain Fleecey