Asylum is BACK!

asylumNews of Chelmsford rock and metal venue Asylum closing spread like wildfire across social media recently, sparking a debate over the local music scene in the area, and the options for fans of heavier music.

Many described their shock and displeasure at the face the venue would be no more, after the management were forced to close immediately due to financial concerns.

Like a phoenix from the flames, however, Asylum is set to open again, with the help of its patrons.

The venue is looking for donations of £20 to help the club back on its feet. To say thank you, all donors will get a specially designed tshirt.

On their Facebook page, the management state “As things progress we will be looking at the feasibility of setting up a membership scheme but we don’t want to make any promises that we may not be able to commit to in the long term.

“Our position is very simple, without your support we can’t survive. Many of you want to see a dedicated live music venue in Chelmsford and we need your help.”

A PayPal account has been set up on the website – – where there is also a link to sign up to the newsletter to get further information.

Asylum will be reopening on Friday 1st August, and then will be opening on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays while they re-establish themselves.

To donate, visit Go to the Asylum Facebook page for more information.