Cannon and Ball ‘Rock On’ in Ha Ha Hood!

hahahoodThe Ha Ha! team returned to the Civic Theatre last week, with Robin Hood as their latest subject, in Ha Ha Hood! and the Prince of Leaves. Veteran comedy duo Cannon and Ball head up the guest stars for the latest show, along with Hi-de-Hi! star Su Pollard, in another non-stop comedy romp.

Writer and director Ben Langley has returned with this latest incarnation of the Ha Ha! series, once again promising a lighthearted performance that is all about fun.

“In true Ha Ha! style, our version of this classic tale is different from anything you would expect”, he says, and he isn’t wrong! Impromptu songs, comedy sketch routines and multiple costume changes bring a panto-style twist to the well known story of Robin Hood and Maid Marion. This time, however, the story picks up 10 years after the original and explores where the charatcers ended up.

The Ha Ha! style is perfect for Cannon and Ball, who seem completely at home with the slapstick elements, comedy routines and also the audience participation. Su Pollard also fits perfectly as Marian – getting the chance to display some of her singing skills, as well as her more traditional comedy style.

Su also feels the Cannon and Ball are ideal for the production: “I love working with Tommy and Bobby” she says. “I think it’s an excellent bit of casting because they have a lot of stage experience and will bring real strength to the show because they’re such a great double act.”

The feeling is mutual, with Tommy Cannon stating “Su will be terrific bringing her special humour to the role.”

As with the wonderful Ha Ha Holmes! starring Joe Pasquale, the latest show is a barrage of skits, sketches and one-liners, all delivered with a smile. Plenty of interaction with the audience, especially from the irrepressible Bobby Ball, helps make everybody feel involved, and the smiles and laughter don’t stop until the final curtain drops!

Ben Langley hits the nail on the head when he says “As with all Ha Ha! shows, please remember to hang up your brains with your coats. There are no hidden meanings, no trap doors and there are no catches. We just want you to enjoy yourself.” In Chelmsford, everybody most certainly did!

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